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 Negotiating Tips for Group Event Planning from

Whether planning a wedding, meeting, reception, convention, or party the costs can add up fast!  Don’t be afraid to negotiate!  This can be done in a variety of ways that will save money.  

First get prices from multiple venues and hotels.  Use competing proposals to compare prices and as leverage to lower the price of the preferred venue.  If a block of hotel rooms is needed, hold the event in the same hotel where the guestrooms are located.   The greater the number of guestrooms the lower the rate should be and this will provide extra leverage to lower the price of the event space and can also be used to lower the catering costs.  Do not forget to compare hotels rates to rates from internet.  If planning multiple events then commit to the same location for both.  This is effective in lowering the cost of both events

Hotel and conference centers are flexible when it comes to food and beverage pricing.  They are more than willing to meet a required budget and reduce costs.  Using a preferred outside caterer is another way to lower catering costs or this can be used to assist in negotiation of in house costs.  These principals can be applied to audio/visual expenses as-well, another area that is open to negotiation.

If the event can be held during an off peak time or season there will be a much greater chance of getting a lower price.  Good luck planning your next event.