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9-Point Value Marketing System goes beyond sales lead generation. We provide sales and marketing support for your business with our proven 9-point value-marketing system that is: efficient > effective > economical > on-target > and equals an increased bottom line for your business

The following describes each point of our 9-point value marketing system and how it will increase your companies’ bottom line:

  1. Access to our group event and meeting RFP database within a 50 or 100 mile radius of your location. The leads can be sent to your email, printed or downloaded in .CSV data file format for easy insertion into your sales software, tablets or smart phone.

  2. Set up to receive instant group event and meeting RFP lead notifications sent to you the minute they are placed.

  3. Set up to allow multiple notifications accounts is you have a large sales team.

  4. Customized group event and meeting RFP lead types.

  5. Receive complete event details and contact information including (name, address, phone, email, event type, location, number attending, venue and space requirements, guestrooms needed, budget, products and services required)

  6. Interactive lead support.

  7. Your company listing in our preferred vendor directory listed in up to 10 categories viewable worldwide.

  8. Guaranteed bidding and sales opportunities or we will refund your subscription fee.

  9. We offer multiple subscription types and the first month as a risk free trial period where if you find you do not want to continue we will credit your card back.  

Whether your company is large or small our proven 9-point value-marketing system is an efficient, effective, and economical way to market your company, increase your revenue and is a great compliment to your sales department. Leverage your time and marketing dollars and make an investment that will increase your profits with our incredible value.

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